Brand New Massage Studio

Brand New Massage Studio

If you’re in the Topeka area and want to experience the best in massage treatment, schedule an appointment with Kris Monet (Owner/Therapist) for an hour or more of complete relaxation.

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It’s Just Nice to Know…

I found myself this evening struggling internally with overload.  Then I happened to find myself at Rosalind Gardner’s blog discussing whether or not blogging is right for certain people. 

She had some really encouraging tips to share and I found myself feeling better for reading the post and all the comments.

It’s just really nice to know that most all of us who love to share what we know and love, start out the same way. 

Thank you Rosalind.  I needed you tonight!

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My Journal

I have shut down my home journal and have only recently decided to start writing again and am planning to stick with WordPress. You can find me here!

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Hot off the Press!

There’s a new book I found by, Michael Fertik and David Thompson, called, Wild West 2.0 How To Protect Your Online Reputation On The Untamed Social Frontier.

I read this book in it’s entirety in less than 24 hours because it is loaded with the latest information on how to protect your image online. If you haven’t already, please get this book and devour it!

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I just decided to try my hand at WordPress! I was always afraid of WordPress because I was told it was vey technical so I have been blogging on Typepad for the last two months. And although it’s been a great experience, I need to expand from there.

I thought WordPress had to be all html content, which I know nothing about, but I see that I can do the same thing here just as easily! I’m very excited about this! I think I’ll use this blog to talk a little about everything I am doing and see where it goes.

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Hello world!

Wow! Now WordPress too! This is amazing!

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